Real Estate

Why you should start 
in real estate with PCG CAPITAL?

Increase your assets with real estate is always the best choice  because this is a market with the potential to bring great profits. Moreover, the real estate enjoys great benefits from the development policies and planning of the state. Therefore, this is a low-risk type of investment.


PCG Capital creates numerous product lines to cater to the requirements of numerous market sectors. Research, design, construction, and optimization of the products are done for each target client group.

Products are always designed to provide customers with extra value, convenience, and satisfaction. Optimal quality, a low price, and expert operation are also included.

Benefits of buying real estate through PCG CAPITAL

Legal transparency

Diversified land fund

There is no need to travel to examine the property

Because the information on real estate can be found on the phone application.

Specific information

Quick and simple transaction

Always supported even after the transaction has been completed

Our vision and ambition


“Why choosing PCG Capital is good for everyone involved?”

Real estate values ​​always increase over time. This is the key point to help buyers feel secure, not afraid of devaluation. The only thing you need to do is trust us and wait for the market to execute the trade at the right time. This will be a long-term and safe opportunity for you.

Committed to bringing profits to buyers

Easily pay for travel, life insurance services worldwide, insurance for shipments and online shopping through our application.

The opportunity to own your dream house with only a very small amount of money


About Us

PCG CAPITAL has been a pioneer in the freight industry, with a specific focus on moving goods in and out of the United States for individuals and small and medium-sized companies. In addition, we are an innovator in the effective management of Land, Sea, Highway, Train, and Air Cargo services.

PCG CAPITAL is one of the top logistics companies, offering a wide range of services such as house moving, international and domestic air cargo, sea freight, train cargo, road freight sets, packaging solutions, and many other value-added services to satisfy the special requirements of each customer.

What we offer


Transportation on country

Rendering to the needs of clients, we are engaged in offering reliable surface services with seamless connectivity through a dedicated fleet of trucks. The company has carved a niche in the field of surface services making safe goods transportation from the doorstep to the desired destinations.

Air Services

Based on years of experience, we have vast expertise in offering reliable Air Cargo Services. Following a systematic framework, all the procedures are carefully conducted right from storage to delivery of the cargo. Also, we have an advanced track and trace system, so that the clients can closely monitor the movement of the cargo.

Sea transport

We have a reputation for offering our clients trustworthy sea freight services. We are experts at sending goods across international borders in a secure manner via sea freight. Additionally, we have a warehouse that can hold several thousand tons of cargo, which makes storage at seaports more practical. We promise that the products are safely and damage-free delivered to the specified location.


PCG CAPITAL is a company specializing in importing and distributing processed foods, beverages, confectionery, non-food, high-grade imported foods, and specializing in the distribution of quality processed food products. High quality, ensuring food hygiene and safety, with bold traditional flavors of Vietnam such as: spring rolls, beef rolls, stir-fried spring rolls; Rice vinegar, sticky rice vinegar; Meat rolls and Dumplings,….

Cooking oil

Fish sauce

Spring rolls


Rice Vinegar


Instant food

Prawn crackers


PCG CAPITAL is a division that specializes in importing and delivering agricultural products from Southeast Asian countries to the United States via our shipping network. Our products all fulfill the stringent criteria of the US market and are thoroughly tested before being delivered to the local market.
We believe that by collaborating with more than 20 units specializing in growing and exporting agricultural products in Southeast Asian countries, particularly Vietnam, we would be able to provide the most tasty, high-quality ingredients are ensured for your family’s health for every household in California and throughout the United States.


Sticky rice


Sweet potatoes


Bird nests




PCG Capital maintains a wide product portfolio that offers a wide range of much needed pharmaceutical therapies and treatments. With a strong product pipeline strategy, PCG Capital currently has more than 30 new product at various stages of registration that were carefully selected in order to address many un-met therapeutic needs, such as high prevalence diseases and other diseases of high national interest. PCG Capital’s product portfolio and product pipeline will endure further expansions for many years to come and will continue to play a major role in driving growth and in increasing shareholders’ value.

As one of the leading drug makers and distributors in USA, PCG Capital conducts its commercial operations through five commercial branches spread out through the country and currently operates a large, modern plant in California. PCG Capital’s state-of-the-art factory – designed by an American architectural firm – is considered to be one of the largest and most up-to-date pharmaceutical facilities recently.


PCG Capital is an investment company founded with the goal of raising capital from a large number of investors and then investing this capital in highly profitable industries such as stocks, bonds, securities, currencies, or real estate. To protect investors’ interests, PCG Capital’s investment fund is managed by a team of qualified professionals and overseen by California authorities.

Why should you select a specific type of investment entrustment?


Boost your

Give your money a job to do. You can only grow your fortune by investing it.

Earn investment, Enormous

Property values typically always rise over time. By investing early, one can take advantage of compound interest to increase profit margins.

Spend money
fund manager

You must devote a significant amount of time and knowledge to investing profitably. Prioritize your other priorities instead, and let the professionals assist you with your investment decisions.

Why should you select a specific type of investment entrustment?


Best renowned investment fund

With a team of 100 specialists and more than 15 years of expertise investing in the US market, PCG Capital has consistently provided both local and foreign investors with exceptional investment returns.

Risk diversification through safe investments

PCG Capital provides investment options with higher returns than traditional investment channels, as well as diverse portfolios that correspond to investors’ risk tolerance.


Investors are taken care of when they participate in investments by financial advisors with a wealth of fund management experience, providing them with devoted and considerate services.

Trustworthy custodian

PCG Capital’s investment activities are closely supervised by respected banks, and all transactions and papers are always transparent, providing investors with confidence in their investment.


PCG Capital is dedicated to exploration and production that is energy-efficient. Natural energy production and commercialization require innovation, technology, and capital. Our innovative, cooperative work produces goods that raise worldwide standards of living while bringing about significant economic gains. ​

Offshore wind

PCG Capital is well underway to deliver profitable growth in renewables and being a leading company in the energy transition. We have a solid platform to deliver on our value-driven strategy. We will continue to build a material business, looking to increase returns on offshore wind through regional synergies, project financing and strategic farm downs, using our early mover capabilities in selected markets to achieve scale at low cost.
We plan to reach an installed net capacity of 12-16 GW by 2025. Two-thirds of this capacity will be within offshore wind.

Solar energy

Solar energy is an almost limitless source of energy with tremendous potential. Assuming that the global energy mix develops in a sustainable direction, over 20 percent of all electricity will come from solar in 2050, according to Bloomberg NEF’s New Energy Outlook (NEO) 2019.
Continuing our decades of energy innovation, PCG Capital is investing in solar projects as well as innovative solar technology companies to show how solar power can provide scalable and profitable growth opportunities.


Hydrogen will be a key contributor to the energy transition. Here’s what PCG Capital is doing.
As an effective and environmentally-friendly energy carrier, hydrogen will make a key contribution to sustainable development of energy. Many people consider it to be the ultimate fuel of the future.

Oil and Natural Gas

We use proven and innovative technologies to safely and responsibly produce oil and natural gas in a wide range of geologic settings, including some of the world’s most challenging areas.


With a wealth of knowledge, a team of professionals, doctors with strong medical ethics and credentials, and the most up-to-date equipment system, PCG Capital offers health care services. worldwide quality management standards. In addition, PCG Capital is one of the few medical institutions leading the way in the use of digital technologies to make it easier for individuals to get the greatest medical care.

What we offer


Medical Test

 In order to help customers proactively screen for periodic diseases and early identify abnormal conditions so they can receive appropriate treatment, PCG Capital offers a home blood test service. Additionally, the service aids patients in keeping track on the development of a variety of metabolic disorders, including gout, liver enzymes, blood sugar, blood fat, and others, so that patients can modify their diet and activities. reasonable, enhance health quality.

Business Wellness

 Both the physical and mental health of employees must be taken into consideration when caring for human resources. This not only demonstrates the company’s accountability and concern, but it also helps the business grow by fostering a strong workforce. BookingCare introduces a business health checkup package solution to help businesses support their employees’ health in order to satisfy the specific needs of each organization.

Repair & maintenance of medical equipment

PCG Capital has always prioritized warranty, maintenance, and repair because it knows how critical it is for patient care and hospital reputation to identify and address medical equipment issues as soon as possible. One of the major priorities is fixing the equipment. PCG Capital is dedicated to offering the top maintenance and repair services for equipment.