About Us


PCG CAPITAL was founded and launched in 2020, at a time when the global economic situation is being severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we think that our company is taking the appropriate course for development with the help of clear and ideal tactics and solutions. And the evidence shows that we were correct. Currently, PCG CAPITAL is active in a variety of businesses, the most important of which are real estate, logistics, and import and export.

In the US and many other nations, PCG Capital is a market leader in the distribution of real estate products. From residential to commercial to industrial real estate, PCG Capital offers a variety of real estate goods, such as: apartments, tourist apartments, villas, townhouses, resort villas, shophouses, officetels, office buildings, factories, warehouses, industrial parks, and export processing zones.

The chain of logistics services offered by PCG Capital includes receiving goods, planning packaging, storing, renting vehicles for transportation, handling customs procedures, and delivering goods to the final location (typically a warehouse, factory, or construction site) in accordance with owner specifications and customer preferences. PCG Capital’s services are always at the forefront and offer great efficiency to customers with the slogan “Save maximum time and expense for customers”. 

– In the sector of Energy: PCG Capital is dedicated to exploration and production that is energy-efficient. Natural energy production and commercialization require innovation, technology, and capital. PCG Capital’s innovative, cooperative work produces goods that raise worldwide standards of living while bringing about significant economic gains. ​

PCG Capital has been extending its business area, recruiting and training more key staff, and preparing for 2023, with the goal of expanding our solutions and brands abroad. Hopefully, the PCG Capital brand will become more recognizable in markets such as Asia, Europe, and America in the near future.


To establish ourselves as a reputable multi-industry financial firm on the global market.


Creating and giving back to the community with first-rate works, durable goods and services.

Core value


Continuous learning; initiatives to lead new goods and technologies; acquisition of new management / business techniques.


Keep the customer in mind and take all necessary steps to ensure their contentment.


Establish a climate of equality for business, investment, and employment.


We work with pace and energy, taking ownership and demonstrating excellent